WhipperSnapper improves the health and quality of life of mature adults by connecting them with their local community.


Kathy's Story

Kathy is a 73-year old woman recently widowed after 50 years of marriage.  She immigrated from England in the 60s, married a college professor and became a housewife.  Her three children are now grown now scattered throughout the country.  She currently has two granddaughters, one on the East Coast, the other a 2-hour drive away.  She lives in the Presidio Heights Neighborhood of the San Francisco in the same house she’s inhabited for nearly 50 years and is establishing herself and her life now that her husband has passed after a long and rather arduous illness.

Tony's Story

Tony is a 55 year old. He’s realizing that while ‘Retirement’ is nothing he’s really thought about, or plans to do, as he scales back his workload he’s going to have a new challenge.

Time. What to do with it.

He lives in a great neighborhood he hardly knows.  Divorced, kids out of the house.

He finds himself under socialized, uninformed and way too inclined to stay in. 

How We Help

Click above to watch a short video to learn how WhipperSnapper helped both Kathy & Tony stay active & engaged in their local community utilizing both the website as well as the mobile app. 

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